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Finest Turf Grass is a main private grass installer. A long-time of understanding and a culture of uprightness make us your one stop solution for sod installation. We are prepared to deal with the littlest of yards to full size home properties. Our novel and time-tried process for sod installation in Ottawa isn’t just time productive yet in addition executes the accepted procedures to guarantee the well being of your new grass. We handle your new turf establishment all through. The tremendous experience of our staff empowers us to put any thought you have into a reality inside a spending plan decided by you. Call or submit your data today to get a free assessment!

How we work?


  • The Walk Through

Upon the arrival to your establishment, our team leader will start the checking by strolling down the area with you. Here our team lead will go over occupation related subtle elements, for example, bed position, turf outskirts, existing water system, underground utilities etc. and address any inquiries you may have. To guarantee no harm is done, the underground links and water system will be deliberately stamped.

  • Expulsion and Preparation

All yards are set up with our industry driving Cultivator Machine. Bigger Yards and Athletic Fields will require bigger gear particular to the activity. Soil Preparation and Grading is the most critical thing and we have culminated it! Here we will include lime and any soil or corrections particular to your activity.

  • Fresh Sod Supplied

Since the vast majority of our tasks are “turn-key” and finished in one day, we have officially planned your grass delivery to your place. Each request is cut straight from the ranch, the night before the establishment and transported specifically to your site. Having your Sod Supplied and Installed by our organization is the way to a calm venture!

  • Stamp Curves and Test Irrigation

Reviewing is done, soil is readied, and the grass is here! Before we begin laying your grass, we utilize section paint to plan your bends and fringes. Here we likewise will test your water system to guarantee that we haven’t harmed any lines or heads amid the evaluating procedure. On the off chance that any harm is discovered, we will settle it promptly for no charge.

  • Establishment of Sod

Our teams do the grass sod installation somewhere in the range of 10-60 beds every day. We generally put the grass pieces tight against each other in a checker board design. Bigger establishments will utilize super rolls. Once the turf is layered, every yard is moved with our weighted grass roller. This guarantees all air pockets are pushed out and the grass sticks to the soil.

  • Site Clean Up and final review of work

Towards the finish of our sod installation services, we urge our customers to complete a last review to confirm the work. It is done to guarantee the final product is up to desire. Now, we will give you a two page report with grass caring tips. The final product is an excellent grass to be delighted in for a considerable length of time to come.


Warranty We partner with the best material suppliers in this profession to provide our clients with high standard top soils, quality sod and products. Finest Turfgrass offers a 60 day warranty for any new lawn installed by our team. We stand by all of the work preformed, making the enjoyment of your new retreat worry-free

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